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Park Shi Hoo
Sunday, April 3, 2011 | 11:48 PM | 0 comments

Oh PARK SHI HOO , cute dhoe !!! Geram aku tgok muke dea ! Aku stad adore tad dea mse aku tgok cte princess prosecuter , ala korean drama yg tad Animax tuh . Cte tuh arie arie rabu at 8pm , tp law korg wse rabu tuh korg buzy sgt korg bule tgok arie ahad . 

 Cte tu is about pendakwa raya yg damn stylish gyle-2 . Plus dea punya story pon menyayat jiwa raga woo ! Na meleleh air mate aku tgok cte uh ! Romantik lagi , i loike ;p . Story ney ad 16 episodes . Na thu more bout dis story korg kne la tgok tp law ad yg korg terlepas ue search la story ney tad youtube .

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