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Buad Awk Sayang !
Friday, April 15, 2011 | 10:52 PM | 0 comments
Buad awk sayang !

bie ! baby wndu gyle tad bie , da tap bule tahan da ney . Wndu na texting bie , na dga suare bie ! aduh , wndu segala-galanya lha tentang bie ! Tiap malam baby just tunggu bie text or call but , org len yg call and text baby . Baby tana dowg , baby just na bie sorg jea . Baby ta salakn bie pon bie ta text or call baby , baby thu phone bie rosak . Tape , never mind .

But i just wanna say that , missing you is the craziest thing in my life ! Buhsan thu , wse cm na buad roket kertas pastuh baling tepat smpy tad umah bie . At least law buad cm tuh , dpt gak lepash wndu baby tad bie . Kn bie ? Tp tuh law bule lha , tp ta pena pulak baby dga ad org buad roket ketas pastuh baling dr KOTA MASAI smpy TAMAN RINTING law ad org yg buad da lme baby buad , betol ta tpu ! HAHA .

Bie , baby na tnya cket . Knp bie kasi topup ? Bkn baby bule buad ape pon dgn topup tuh . Law bie text baby bule gak baby gune , tp tape lha . Tp jgn wsau , baby tetap appreciate ape yg bie kasi tad baby . Baby simpan jea la ae topup tuh smpy bie text baby ae ♥♥♥ . Tp bie jgn lha bg sllu t menyusahkn kan pulak . Btw , amacm nan present yg baby kasik bie tuh ? Hope bie suke , law ta suke t baby beli yg len okey .

cik mira , cik iea rembat dr cik mira punya ae =)

Aiman Malik : i'm sure that ryte now i fall in love to you at the craziest level !!
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