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Now I'm Wearing Spectacle !
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 | 3:31 AM | 0 comments
Wewit , title aku tu agak seram sikit ryte ? Haha , aku merepek . Yup , skrg aku wearing spectacles , mang rimassss laaaa ! Benci , tp terpaksa , dah rabun na uad cmne . Aku stad pkay spect mse arie sabtu 5/3. Still kekok lg la . Tape la lme-2 okey la tu an . Hehe , yg pleng best an aww aww aku suke aku pkay spect , dea kate lawa (bangga aw ) walaupun aku wse aku pkay spect cm buruk jea . Dea pon pkay spect so aku da jd mem dea la . Haha . Okey la , aku da upload some pic yg aku pkay spect . Coment-2 la ae .

face cannot go ! ahak . Bi hancor !

see , see . skrg aku da pkay spect . klakar an muke nye . Feel free to drop any comment yaw ! Btw , wanna wish something to Aida Zaharah la !

AIDA ZAHARAH MY FRIEND ! SELAMAT HARI TUA ! HAHA ! * sory aida , but padan muka ! hee 
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