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Tuesday, March 1, 2011 | 3:34 AM | 0 comments
Hey , smlm aku agak keEMOan sedikit , tp hari ney suda okey . Dah mls na cte psl smlm lg , it's my history . Skrg aku na cte psl yg akn berlaku esok . Ya besok , besok ad hape yea ? pikir pikir . Ya besok 2 Mac dan 3 Mac sume buda fom 3 SMKDPT kne injection woii !!! 

 woo , seram tuh . Aku bkn penakod na kne inject , just seram-2 sejuk jea . Yela , da lme ta kne inject msty r ad wse seram-2 . Btol ta ? btol la kan . Okey la , aku update lain kali la yea , need to go now . Bye .
p/s : enjoy lgu bru aku taw-2 =P
Sincerely from Bunny's

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