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sorry lg yea cik mira !
Thursday, February 3, 2011 | 9:48 PM | 0 comments
Td an aku bukak blog my cik mira , korg na taw pe jd ? Huk , huk ! Waa ! aku wse cm na nges thu ta ! 

Yela smlm dea ajk aku onl YM bkn aku tana tp mate aku sakit ble tgok chaye tad pc aku , then pale berdenyut-2 , sakit gyle bule ark .
Yela , kan aku tga demam so , mang biase la cm tu an . Arie ney cik mira ad alek kmpg ta smpt na YM lg .
Cik mira !! 
Sory ,
sory , 
sory sgt-2 .
Promis ta uad lg .

But tolong forgive me again please !

Sincerely from Bunny's

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